Affiliate & Representatives program

Affiliate & Representatives program

We have developed the Affiliate program for every member who are ready to act and increase its income. Affiliate program is a unique opportunity to earn with Forex Imperial Limited, without even making an investment. Our affiliate program works by simple principles and it's in one level of 3%. All you need to do is to attract new investors to our investment program using your personal referral link. You can find this link in your account area and provide it to potential clients, so that they can use it to enter the website. If they enter, register and make a deposit, you’ll receive a bonus. Use opportunities of the Referral Program. Move to the future and make it better!

Apart from our Affiliate program, we also have what we call a Representatives program which is very much like the Affiliate program. If you intend to become a part of our business and to increase your income, we invite you to become an official representative. We are ready to start world representatives program in the nearest time. In order to become our company's Regional Representative, you need to have minimum of 5 active referrals, and the total amount deposited by your referrals should be at least $3000. Official representative receives 5% from deposit amount of his referral. You can expand your team as much as you want. Our representative program will give the chance to each Representative not only to expand a circle of the interests, but also will give new opportunities of profit receiving, significantly having increased your wellbeing.



Representatives program