Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our company offers highly profitable investment in the growing Forex market.

Yes, of course, Forex Imperial Limited is officially registered in the United Kingdom. Company registration number - НОМЕР. It can be found in the Companies House official registry.

The high profits are provided by a rapid rate of growth of Forex market. In addition, we are able to analyze the market and draw the necessary conclusions on the basis of changes in the field of forex money by applying new approaches and techniques of trading. Working cohesively as a single organism we achieve great successes.

The participates have the opportunity to earn profit by two ways: by opening a deposit according to the chosen investment proposal or by receiving benefits from inviting new participants.

Any individual or corporation from any country may open an account with us, and we are happy to accept investors from any place in the world. The only condition is accepting our terms of service.

Every investment activity has a certain degree of risk. The more significant the potential profit is, the higher the risks you meet. Forex Imperial Limited has tried to find an optimal solution to provide the most acceptable balance between profit and risks. We guarantee our participants the safety of their funds and full payouts of their income.

All investment proposals are submitted on the Home and Investments pages. Your profit depends on your investments and involved partners.

Online payment systems are very convenient to instantly transfer funds, and the fees are very low compared to bank transfer which is time-consuming as well. They also suit our business model very well since it's easy to exchange funds in and out of our accounts.

No, we do not. Account creation is free to create and does not require ID confirmation. You need to present your wallet information to transfer funds.

Check your personal information in details. If everything is correct, you need to contact our support.

We guarantee to our users the protection and safety of their personal information. The site is protected from all DDoS attacks. Any transmitted data passes SSL-encryption. We have only reliable script and high-class SSL certificates.

Your investment, as well as your trust is our core values. We will make every effort to protect your money and reduce the risk of loss to zero.

We provide several payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash, Bitcoins, LiteCoins and Etherium.

Forex Imperial Limited has 8 investment proposals. You can select an option to suit your demands. Remember, you can open several investment plans at the same time.

Yes, you can create several deposits with different investment plans, using different payment systems.

You can deposit any amount from only $10 and up to $100,000 through any payment system.

Funds are transferred to the client's account within one day.

First, make sure that you comply with all the conditions of the system when you withdraw funds. If everything was done correctly, contact our customer support.

You can withdraw any available amount from your account balance. Minimum withdrawal amount for Bitcoins, LiteCoins and Etherium is $1. There is no maximum restriction to withdraw.

No, there is no commission in the system. The commission is charged only by the chosen payment system.

Yes, we have one-tier affiliate program which offers reward of 3% on the deposits made by people you have referred.

Anyone opening an account on our website can join in our referral program. You can find a unique referral link in your account and provide it to potential clients, so that they can use it to enter the website. If they enter, register and make a deposit, you’ll receive a bonus. The point of the partnership program is to attract as many clients as possible. The more clients you attract, the more they deposit, the more bonuses you will receive.

You can use your referral link on own discretion to promote our investment proposal among users of the Internet and beyond. You can publicly share your referral link in your signature on any forums, use it in your blog or website. The only restriction of Forex Imperial Limited administration is prohibition of direct mass mailing containing referral link (so-called spam).

Yes, of course. You can send your referral link to your relatives, friends or colleagues to sign up in the project.

Yes, you can. However, history of your personal payouts would be clear evidence of profitable cooperation with Forex Imperial Limited project. Therefore, we encourage making a deposit in any desired plan to personally test how the system works and what the benefits are in the project. Once you will be sure that the project fulfills all its obligations, you can deal with the attracting of new investors for more profit and share your own experience with them.

Representatives Program is very much like the affiliate program, it allows you to earn a nice solid commission straight to your account balance, which is available for withdrawal or reinvestment.

In order to become our company's Regional Representative, you have to show us to have the ability to attract referrals, to help and guide them in every issue or problem they can have, to support and promote our project in your region. In addition, you need to have minimum of 5 active referrals to become a representative, and the total amount deposited by your referrals should be at least $3000.